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History is always surprisingly similar. Probably a few years ago, the average user at home or whether incandescent lamp energy saving lamps, and now most of the products have replaced the LED label. LED's dominance can be sustained geometry? Are LED lighting industry will be subverted? Will snatch subversion? LED lighting companies how to reconstruct a new industry value chain?

"Any business can find the strongest competitor to play, but there is a rival to beat, and that is the trend. Trend breaks out, it will not be a linear growth. It will accumulate strength in the invisible, and finally a sudden outbreak the avalanche effect any reluctant to change the power will be destroyed before the avalanche, marginalized, while disruptive innovation is the future trend of a signal representative of such. "Qihoo 360 Zhou Hongyi, chairman and CEO had said.

Disruptive technology

Graphene change the traditional LED?

"If the 20th century was the century of silicon, then, graphene materials to create a new era in the 21st century will bring substantial changes in the world." Known as "universal" graphene is currently the world's most Thin is the hardest of nanomaterials, many scientists are trying to enter the field of lighting graphene possible.

According to the latest reports, the National Graphene Institute of the University of Manchester, UK, developed a new graphene bulbs. Such graphene bulb is dimmable bulbs with a filament inside the bulb-shaped LED lamp and LED lamp outer coat graphene, graphene's electrical conductivity and strong, so that the lamp can lengthen the time, and reduced by 10% energy consumption, but also in the hope the price is cheaper than traditional LED bulbs.

Allegedly this new graphene bulb will bring another innovative lighting technology. Although now, graphene industry is still in the early stages of development, particularly graphene whole industry chain unrealized clear and integration. But who can tell the future? Graphene set off a disruptive industrial revolution sweeping the world, and perhaps also the shock lighting industry pattern.

OLED technology revolution ignited the fire?

From the small screen to large-size display and then lighting, OLED with the improvement of production processes and product performance, surging, and its strong growth is a threat to the LED's dominance?

Dr. Peng Hui GSC Intellectual Property Department advisers believe, OLED lifetime and efficient as LED, OLED materials and the current stability and hermetic packaging technology to be improved, and costly, if no new technological breakthroughs, whether it is applied to the display or lighting, OLED will be difficult to spread in the short term.

Currently, Philips, GE, Konica, Minolta, Lumiotec company, Osram, LG and Samsung and other international giants are quietly layout of the global OLED market. However, Dr. Peng Hui opinion, OLED of whether a breakthrough, depends mainly on LG and Samsung breakthrough in this technology, he believes, for now, only two companies qualified for the industrialization of the technology capacity.

Zhejiang Lighting Association vice chairman Dr. Hou Minxian believes, OLED may soon come. Currently OLED can be large-scale automated production, quality more stable, with a thin, flat light, more uniform brightness, good glare control, wide-angle bend may be more style and design, the luminous efficiency may have reached 60-80 lumens, commercially viable OLED panel size has exceeded 300mm * 300mm. LED lighting cake may not yet digested, it will be OLED change.

Once formed OLED subversion, OLED or Xuhui Ge a flat lights, downlights, ceiling lamps, wall lamp life, while the lighting fixture manufacturing industry stripped from entering the home improvement industry. Of course, OLED also has its disadvantages, such as the manufacturing cost and size and so on, but the LED in a few years ago is it not the case? By no means a perfect product just came out subversive innovation, there are too many problems, but as long as a point on far more than you, it is enough - this point perhaps it has a huge advantage in experience.

Subversion Business Model

Electricity provider model in depth, industrial ecology fission

"Internet +" are becoming more widely infiltrated the manufacturing industry, it is inevitable, it is changing the way companies manufacture products and provide services. For the lighting industry, "Internet +" to accelerate the promotion of enterprises to extend from the traditional channel model to the electricity business model. It is reported that 2014 net purchase lighting products market reached approximately $ 2.4 billion, accounting for all sales channels at 14.4%. With LED lighting product on the network continued to skyrocket, the scale will continue increasing year by year, estimated in 2017 at the latest, the net purchase proportion will reach 30%, more than lighting, lamps, lighting products, discount stores have become the biggest selling single path .

Lighting industry is standing on an unprecedented combination of junction depth and the Internet. Smart lighting will also work with computers, networking, cloud computing, technical depth and big data, mobile Internet convergence, become smart home, smart city, smart community an integral part. Whether it is a joint millet February 13 lighting companies to jointly promote intelligent lighting, intelligent cloud or Alibaba jointly with Shanghai-Branch launched the "unlimited light" intelligent lighting acceleration plan, the core of the Internet-based add intelligence to explore the "terminal data, content, services, "the new business model, breaking the lighting, communications, mobile phones and other traditional industries boundaries to the user experience as the center, to promote the Internet mode intelligent life form.

"The best three years after lighting the brand must be Internet companies." Intelligent CEO Panji Ze Guangzhou days predicted. Coincidentally, there are industry analysts, in the dual role of the Internet of Canadian intelligence, lighting industry's business model will be a dramatic change, the Internet companies will control the intelligent lighting control, control of the front-end control and data signals, which led the lighting industry, even lighting business became non-exclusive OEM lighting equipment providers Internet giant.

Interaction is the big move, free to subversive forces

Industrial era, to achieve a logical business model is built on - the "business user" vertical relationship, and the mobile Internet reconstruction of this relationship, so was the level of the relationship between businesses and customers, long-tail relations, to achieve zero distance interaction, and constitute a new business in connection with ecological interactions.

"Lighting is changing, you can interact, and even customers and consumers can participate in product design, which is the basic idea of the Internet thinking." China Illuminating Engineering Society Secretary-General of semiconductor lighting technology and application of Tang Guoqing expressed Professional Committee. In the Internet era, the border between the lighting industry and the industry is gradually blurred, distance lighting companies and users are gradually reduced, based on 3D printing and smart technology development, future users not only can customize lighting scenarios through an open platform, but also It can become a "producer", involved in lighting design. The industry's business model will also be B2B, B2C model to C2B (user-driven, C end user community is critical) mode transformation.

As Qihoo 360 Zhou Hongyi, chairman and CEO said, "business model innovation, is to make your stuff cheap, made free of charge", with the gradual establishment of intelligent systems, light bulbs for free or intelligent software free or the destruction of the traditional business model, and create a new value system.

Users namely producers. Now companies should re-understanding of their business model, who your users in the end? What to meet their needs? Whether to give the user to create than-expected experience? Whether to allow users to participate in the value of their product creation process? All these core issues, that is, "around the user to expand collaboration throughout the value chain."


Power concept

What determines the future of China? Famous economist Zhang Weiying in his recently published a book, "the concept of power," Lane said, ideas are powerful, and only the free marketplace of ideas, to be able to bring us prosperity.

Lead to the evolution of the Internet business, which is based on the future business people, not products. Subversion era, whether it is not a smart interconnected, the lighting industry there is always a danger of subversion, subversion or by technology, either by the consumer understanding, insight. In order not to be subverted, one is distributed strategy, investment has signs of innovation unit, drawing Kodak, Nokia, Motorola is only a result of a strategic decision unit lessons of failure; the second is based on user demand as the basic point of the product innovation and self-subversion. Both of which are based on the premise of consciousness exist subversion and reconstruction concept.

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