News->LED lighting industry, "three difficult simultaneously," Behind the A-share listed companies how to "carnival"?

"M & A", "restructuring" is the lighting of listed companies in recent years, a major feature, as a senior industry source quipped:! "A-share restructuring unit has been completely crazy backdoor, the major shareholder injection, industry mergers and acquisitions 'trilemma simultaneously' lighting listed companies carnival, Gaobu Cheng, according to the daily limit. "LED trend to promote industrial upgrading, mergers and acquisitions boom of listed companies, on the contrary, the listed companies occupy an important position in the capital market through its own aggressive mergers and acquisitions can bring to your business field industrial transformation and upgrading, the industrial capital continuous injection of capital markets, mergers and acquisitions and industrial upgrading will continue to be action and reaction patterns influence each other, promote each other.

Acquisitions or overweight June fight was going on

Since June, the lighting industry companies through the accumulation of precipitation in the first half, the second half of the development of enterprises stand layout mark, have chosen force in the capital markets, the action continued, guise, a great set off a new round of "mergers and acquisitions" of situation.

Sanan Group released June 15 evening announcement, said the price of 22.3 yuan / share to the big three safety photoelectric transfer funds 9.07% of the shares held by the transfer of the total price of 4.839 billion yuan. After the share transfer is completed, the big three safety photoelectric fund will become the second largest shareholder.

BDO Runda June 15 announcement that the company intends to non-public offering no more than 378 million shares, raising the total amount not more than 4.5 billion yuan, the issue price is set not less than 11.89 yuan / share, net of issuance costs will use 20 LED flip chip billion for the project, 1.5 billion yuan for the LED chip scale packaging project, the remaining 10 billion for supplementary liquidity.

Alto Electronic June 15 release of the asset purchase plan, the company intends to 19.15 yuan / share non-public offering of 979.11 million shares, and paid 62.5 million yuan in cash, for a total price of 250 million yuan to acquire 100% stake in thousands of Hui, now, fully electronic Alto thousands of Hui acquisitions.

Union Optical disclose the June 14 power infrared monitoring system the company intends to change the previous non-public offering for the acquisition of Zhejiang 方大智 Control Technology Limited ("方大智 control with LED epitaxial materials, chip and device industry projects ") and its capital increase, after the completion of the transaction the Company will hold 72.37% stake 方大智 control to enter the smart lighting.

Shamenxinda June 9 announcement that the price of not less than 17.3 yuan / share set by 7514 million shares, raising 1.3 billion yuan to invest in three new projects. ITC Holdings controlling shareholder will subscribe given by 30% of the shares.

According to another report, the country star power to hit 76.5 million yuan to acquire 62.5% stake in InvenLux, Ruifeng power to 200 million yuan to buy the remaining 85% Ling Tao Optoelectronics stake, raising 509 million yuan overweight Chau Ming LED super-screen TV, and then two LED Plant of 100% equity into the arm ......

Around the industry giant's announcement, the recent acquisition of LED Gangster described as collective show results on the capital markets in the lighting industry companies or overweight chip business, or force the integrated circuit, or hack into intelligent lighting, backlighting or broaden the product range, fight going on, smoke everywhere.

June 19 section LED real-time stock quotes (closing time 15:00)

Developing clear and consistent direction different objectives

Although the lighting industry companies get together and overweight new projects to promote mergers and acquisitions, but to force various listed companies is not the same direction. Qian Baihui Alto electronic acquisition is the company's expansion into the specific performance LED lighting applications; BDO Runda set by the fund-raising 4.5 billion yuan, the project aims to overweight LED chip; Union Optical acquire 方大智 control 72 percent stake, is to attack the intelligent lighting; three optical large shareholders to transfer 9% stake, is the force of integrated circuits; Ruifeng power to 200 million yuan to buy 85% stake Ling Tao Optoelectronics, LED backlight products are mainly used to broaden the scope.

Have a certain strength, the small business is big business mergers and acquisitions, integration, large enterprises to improve the industrial chain, medium and small enterprises, "backing"; medium and small enterprises to form the Commonwealth, quickly spread online and offline channels, the channel advantage. Listed companies based on their characteristics, expand the battlefield in different areas.

No matter what strategy of listed companies to adopt the final analysis, have only one purpose: to make full use of the power of capital market integration of multiple resources, maximize optimize the company's overall profitability and sustainable development in the consolidation of the company's existing core business and rich, based on the tentacles extend to the whole industry chain, the company tried to build a new profit growth point. It is the capital market "game", is the lighting industry thriving "vitality."

Development of the industry suspect

1, the government continues to distribute LED "red", the industry still needs to "self-reliance."

From this year the industry trend, the local government of the LED industry is still in force, in addition to technology subsidies or subsidized engineering. The establishment of national standards will also spur a new round of demand for LED lighting. The "economic downturn", "real estate bubble", "devaluation" and will continue to influence the future direction of the lighting industry.

2. Layout "Things +", "Internet +" infinite intelligence is still possible.

With the leapfrog development of the industry, companies must "Things +" to provide more cost advantages to end customers more value-added products and services to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. And this is to coincide with the essence of the Internet. Organizational efficiency through the powerful transformation and innovation capacity Internet traditional lighting industry, the overall integration of Internet and design, products, services, users, etc. to achieve, achieve innovation-driven. The "Internet +" interactive and intelligent lighting is also particularly striking, exciting.

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