News->2015 LED lighting industry, "transformation" must deal with three "challenge"

Current, LED lighting industry production model, sales model, business model, service model is increasingly breaking the shackles of tradition, combined with the emergence of new technologies, new models, new ideas, etc., makes the whole industry transformation is imminent.

"Restructuring" should "as a whole"

In recent years, whether as a LED light source, OLED technology, intelligent home and other new products and technologies, electricity supplier or idea, "O2O" mode, the "Internet +" concept, the new channel mode business model strikes, these new things , new ideas are a reflection of an imminent trend --- "transformation", which is also the lighting manufacturers currently not open around the topic.

For this reason, in recent years, the lighting industry has been unprecedented, "fun": a comprehensive restructuring behind or LED, or optimize channels, or overweight new technologies, or to seek new capital, while Zhefan lively, but also exposed many lighting industry phenomenon: the vicious, foot collapse, capital acquisitions, industry reshuffle and the like.

Guangya Exhibition this year, on "restructuring", Op lighting attitudes and thoughts lead to industry-wide exploration. Op lighting China CEO DingLong and commercial lighting, general manager Huang Zhijian in a media group to visit, and repeatedly referred to "restructuring" of the topic. Op said: At present, the lighting industry, "transition" is facing three major "challenge": a so-called "LED transformation" does not refer to a simple product transition, but the production system, management system appropriate "transformation"; Second, Downstream industry updates slow, second and third tier market acceptance of new thinking slow, so that your local dealer management "transition" lagging behind; third, distributors and customers from the simple "business relationship", the transition to a "full service "relationship.

Op lighting DingLong China CEO further said that the current industry called "transformation", but "upgrade products" On the surface, yet deep into the business of "genes" to go, "So, enterprises to achieve the transformation, we must first realize 'genetically modified', to enterprises 'whole body'. "

"Transition" is now the "new normal"

If you say that a few years ago, has a professional channel resources of the traditional lighting companies to think about is "Do you want the transition LED", then, in the face of the current trend of LED development, to give businesses time to think no longer exists. Traditional lighting era, industry has developed to a very mature stage, the traditional strong brands such as Foshan lighting, sunlight, Op, NVC and other brands already on the way LED transformation steps have been taken.

A boldly predicted the industry, leading the lighting industry's future is not the product technology, but most services and solutions in place. Products, technology, quality, someday in the future would be "universal homogenization", and dealers will not rely on "mere selling products" to win, and thus, to provide lighting solutions and services, will be the new focus of the industry and competition business a new way. So, to say, lighting companies "transition" should be "System" and then "Product", Op lighting understand this.

In the traditional lighting period, Op lighting is a market withstood the test of "gold standard." It is understood, Op lighting various channels in recent years, sales have risen steadily, thanks to the efforts of the past few years, which in the LED transition made. Op lighting in China, according to CEO Ding Long said, from the products, services and other aspects of change closer to consumers, is the direction of the target currently Op lighting further efforts. For example, home lighting products comply with consumer demand, to the intelligent, style, diversity change; such as "light and easy to change," build "into the community" and more complete service platform system, perfect.

The so-called "transformation", is not simply the product companies to achieve "full LED technology," but before the "LED transition", companies should first do a good job, "rebirth marrow, blood replacement", first enterprise of the whole system "transformation ", then the product can follow" move. " It is understood that the majority of the lighting business missteps that first transition product, after adjusting enterprise system architecture, the latter approach is bound to make the transition into a lot of passive business.

Concept transformation, service transformation, transformation is the current industry business platform, business transformation right way, the lighting industry is currently in transition event of the "new normal", perhaps "customized", "one" and other types of services in the form of channels compared The traditional big circulation, retail, wholesale channels and other forms of advantages. It seems that increase viscosity and the user directly into the user groups, the lighting company's future should be more efforts toward this direction.

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