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Leading global LED epitaxial crystal Power, chairman of Li Bingjie, said the rise of mainland China supply chain, Taiwan LED factory still have the leading edge technology, there are opportunities in smart lighting, semiconductors, capacity sensing elements should be combined in Taiwan, LED back Manufacturing right bulb.

Worried about the outside world after the rise of mainland supply chain, LED industry by the impact, leading to the crystal power plant in Taiwan stock index break at the end, Epistar share price below NAV, Li Bingjie do this feel wrong, stressed Epistar profit this year will be better than Last year, the proportion of new products not only more than 10%, will continue to use technology built opponents difficult to break through the walls.

Although LED short-term uncertainties still more, but not pessimistic outlook on the industry Bingjie. He said that future agricultural lighting, medical lighting there is a lot of room, but can not stay in Taiwan LED factory sell chips, selling LED light thinking that the future is no longer alone, not only sell parts, but selling solve program, it is best to provide solutions company, let Taiwan become a base for providing process.

Bingjie recently accepted an interview, the following is the interview summary:

Q: You said in March LED boom deferred, was viewed by watching the bad market conditions, the current industry outlook in the end how?

A: The last time the outside world get me wrong, the last LED industry grow significantly in April, but this year is moderate growth, I was stressed in March and April the difference is not so big, not look bad in April.

I believe that this year's global LED market demand will increase by 30%, but the price will fall by 20%, the price decline is what originally happened every year, although for most LED factory, the pressure will be great profit this year than last year, but the I think, Epistar profit this year will be better than last year.

Q: The next opportunity LED industry?

A: intelligent lighting, medical lighting, lighting agriculture, are promising applications. Among them, the large agricultural lighting illumination than now, but at this stage we look at the residential and commercial lighting, the next five to ten years if there is a shortage of food, agriculture lighting will be attention because a three-dimensional plane planting planting changed The same land as long as the lid a rack, plus lighting, a point A to become the top three places.

Taiwan region LED technology and agricultural capacity, it will create problems different value, not simply LED light, which is to provide a solution that Delta would like to do such a thing, even the broth and lights are to you , so the next station operators not to go it alone, not to sell parts, but selling solutions, it is best to provide solutions company, with a team of big institutional change process.

Q: How to see China supply chain?

A: From LED vertical integration chain, currently controlled LED bulbs in mainland industry's hand, which is detrimental to Taiwan, but Taiwan will not be higher than the current cost of the mainland, as long as the fight automated production in Taiwan have a chance to win .

Taiwanese companies have to use intelligent lighting, to take back control of the light bulb, I recommend put sensors, chip integration, control their own light bulbs, or to the mainland acquisition bulb factory.

Taiwan in the past are the professional division of labor, specialization and now people who want to integrate gang war, this is what we have to push the virtual vertical integration, integration of sensors, chip and package, you can control this section, if the lamp is now automated production in Taiwan, on have the opportunity to comeback.

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