News->In the end what kind of LED lighting products is a good product

OFweek semiconductor lighting electrician Reuters many companies are eager to develop a good product to promote the development of enterprises, but in the end what kind of product is a good product, different companies are not the same view.

For this problem, I have my own views: a good product will not only create a good sales performance, but it also can create more marginal effect.

First of all, a good product should be consistent with the core brand positioning, which belongs to the brand's core categories. Products in the sales process, but also a branding process that has nothing to do with the core product category, even if sales in a period of time can make a breakthrough, but the excitement is inevitable after a feather.

Secondly, a good product should give channels to create better profits. Profit, promotion channels have the power, in order to gain time and space products, at the same time, be conducive to the expansion of channels, improve the survival of the state channels. More importantly, a good new product, allows users excited to meet a good user experience, giving customers a strong reason, it becomes the first choice of buyers.

A good product, not just a matter of technology, more should be reflected in the market reaction.