News->LED intelligent lighting industry how to find the right way now hot investment?

OFweek semiconductor lighting Reuters last two years, the acquisition of M & A cases LED lighting industry one after another, from the far-reaching BDO Runda acquisition NVC, really bright Tongfang acquisitions, etc., to make LED testing equipment, LED automated production equipment known enterprises in Hangzhou for Optoelectronic stopped their listing plans, and on April 10 this year, it was acquired by crystal Sheng Electrical 51% controlling stake, to June 5 at the same time announced the acquisition of Ruifeng Ling Tao Optoelectronics 85% of the shares, the country star power intends to 76.5 million yuan acquisition of capital held by InvenLux Technology 62.5%. Favor of capital, mergers and acquisitions between companies frequently makes LED lighting industry has become the investment and financing of the blue ocean.

And much favored by domestic and foreign bigwigs intelligent lighting, it is this piece of blue ocean blue ocean.

According to Xiao Bian statistics, international enterprises, following the first in the world to launch Philips Hue intelligent lighting products, well-known foreign companies GE / LG / Qualcomm / Belkin / LIFX / Yeelight more than a dozen different technologies launched smart LED single product Bulb. In domestic enterprises, millet smart lighting a single product yeelight Hop vertical 13 lighting companies to jointly promote the development of intelligent lighting industry; Benjamin, the sun, geese, Op, Philips, wood Linsen, Corey, Tridonic, Bright, Parker CDH, Dayton grid, etc. These companies will use this year in its smart bulb millet smart home wireless module; the sun lighting set up a separate team of smart lighting and smart home platform launched in Jingdong; Kingsun launch intelligent lighting systems; Foshan Intelligent lighting control system ...... hotel

The above information are verified with LED intelligent lighting hot, then the face of the Blue Ocean Blue Ocean, investors how to choose the best way to cut, how to get the maximum return on investment it? Deputy Director of the Ministry of Investment and Financing OFweek 林俊雄 in the "Smart Lighting Technology Summit 2015" published in the "Smart Lighting Case Studies and OFweek investment financing and mergers and acquisitions services," the speech, a detailed analysis of the current status of intelligent LED lighting industry investment and risk, to bring the most reliable investment and financing and M & A solutions.


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