News->LED lighting remember to do twenty!

1, the customer is the best teacher, the peer is the best example, the market is the best school. Everyone take long to longer than everyone.

2, a sense of dependence is greater than the strength. 97% of sales are in establishing a sense of trust, 3% in the transaction.

3, reject the beginning of the deal. Sales of the game is the installment savings, customers are rejected every time you save.

4, sales is a message of confidence and metastasis emotional, physical persuasion; negotiation is determined to contest; the transaction is reflected in willpower.

5, there are gold-speaking customer must give something, we must learn to create value, he needs to create value for customers.

6, all in all things, we must learn to link. Emotional relationship is greater than the interest and cooperation relations with the customer to have deep emotional communication.

7, customers buy not only the product itself, but also to buy the corresponding product and additional services.

8, a network of veins is money, popularity is a financial edge, a network of decision lifeline.

9, you never get a second chance to customers to build their own first impression.

10, do not underestimate the performance do the last few days of each month, this is like 3000 meters distance run, when you finish the 2700 meters, the last 300 meters is still important, the last few days are the most likely to create the miracle of the moment .

11, no not sell products, not only selling products, people; there is no split firewood not open, but not fast enough ax; not a market downturn, but the head does not live up to expectations.

12, first-class salesman - selling themselves; second-rate salesman - selling services; third-salesman - selling products; four streams salesman - selling prices.

13, when the sale is passed to the customer's first impression: I'm your friend, I meet with you today is your friend, and all the top players are put customers when the family man.

14, anywhere in the sales, the marketing becomes a habit. Growth is always more important than success, you can not sell the deal, but you can not not grow in sales.

15, only to find common ground with the customer, it is possible to establish a relationship with him. Sales is the establishment of relations, building up a network.

16, it is all the little things, why the cooked duck fly away? Your details failed, unhappy customers.

17, selling the same magic - talk less and listen more, talk less necessary to ask; the highest level of services - from the heart, rather than a mere formality.

18, salesman essential spiritual beggars - face "customers" first smile, was rejected several times a day, as always.

19, as skilled, so professional; Because professional, so extreme. Only professionals can become an expert, only an expert can become a winner. Any customer will not and amateur play, because they know that no good amateur. The customer is always just believe experts, representatives of the authority and the trust.

20, the sales staff should always ask yourself three questions: Why do I deserve to be helped? Why customer referrals to help me? Why customers to pay me? (Source: Marketing Art of War)