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Enter 2015, LED industry began to enter maturity, to enhance cost-effective products is particularly important. And LED lighting products terminal is "cabbage price" in power. These relative price of cabbage products, domestic and foreign price gap between high-end LED brand products be?

Xiaobian statistics of the current LED several major domestic and foreign giants lighting giant LED bulb on the Lynx flagship store prices its associated parameters for readers gluttonous food.

Cost domestic counterparts PK:

Op, NVC, FSL, three male Aurora, Linsen lighting are the domestic lighting giant, can not say that they can fully interpret all high-cost domestic lighting giant product, but from their product specifications and prices, at least at this level can reflect the Product status quo.

(Source Lynx, the Chinese LED network statistics)

Domestic and international cost-PK:

Not so-called concept of the world, why worldview. Just look at the cost of domestic giants, that vision was too short, we want the world, look abroad lighting giant's products and how?

Philips Lighting, Osram, Panasonic and GE is well-known abroad lighting giant, NVC compared with them, the gap geometry?

(Source Lynx, the Chinese LED network statistics)

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