News->LED lighting market to how to cure existing disease

No matter the industry or outside the industry for LED lighting are, with no small expectations, LED lighting industry can be said to be of concern. But LED lighting LED lighting into the market, you will find a huge gap between reality and the ideal, today's LED lighting LED lighting market, filled with endless "conspiracy" and "fighting" the entire market is not a battle. Confusion in the market, so that the entire industry is not good LED lighting manufacturers flies, always facing enormous pressure of the market.

Domestic LED lighting industry after more than ten years of development, under the influence of today's big economic environment, the development trend of the industry has also been a large degree of influence. Currently, many manufacturers of LED lighting industry in the face of the market downturn, the looks fairly rogue, slowing the pace of development of the industry, makes a lot of LED lighting manufacturer sales situation is not ideal. LED lighting manufacturers want to break the current dilemma, we need to find the root problem.

While the impact of the economic environment for large LED lighting manufacturers develop great impact, but it is not the only reason. Now restricting the development of LED lighting industry is still derived from talent, technology and equipment, raw materials, these three issues, but with respect to the product itself, the problem within the industry is the key reason.

LED lighting industry to develop, we must enhance consumer acceptance of LED lighting to cultivate the consumer market is very important. To let consumers know that China's current generation of LED lighting products, with the original domestic LED lighting or eliminate inferior products compared to imports, it has been completely different. In terms of raw materials or the production process, and now LED lighting have been 10 years ago and has made great development and a substantial increase.

And throughout all of the LED lighting manufacturers have had to do a job, it is to do market development. There are two important channels, one is through the company's sales terminal, to convey information to all the store's terminals, delivered to every employee daily sales concept among consumers to carry out this aspect of education directly through them and bring up.

With the continuous improvement of people's material and cultural living standards, the current LED lighting products do not belong to a luxury only a few people use. A major issue affecting the current LED lighting into family is "the price opaque, with a product at this discount of twenty, and another half price tickets, consumers do not know this thing in the end worth. Price instability, opaque largely affected the consumer a sense of the process of LED lighting confidence to buy, this does not result in the loss of confidence on the LED lighting market of potential customers. Thus, a clear industry price system, and regulate manufacturers, circulation, including distributors channel is the key to solving the price problem.

In addition, LED lighting industry market homogenization phenomenon has become the main problems have hindered the development of manufacturers. In fact, the key to influence the development of LED lighting industry is not plagiarism, industry homogeneity of the surface phenomena, the real key is that the underlying causes behind the phenomena inherent manufacturers have copied. And want to break the impasse hinder these factors, LED lighting companies need to solve the problem in a targeted manner. Only remedy, LED lighting companies to win the long-term development under stress.

Despite the rapid development of LED lighting industry, to get out of this vicious circle child is not an easy thing to do, I believe that most LED lighting manufacturers are afraid to explore, but it does little almost no manufacturer is no longer limited to the market. LED lighting to develop, market integration is essential, and only eliminate a barrier to development, LED lighting can really healthy development, but to this day I do not know in the end how much longer will come.