News->City lighting project what principles should be followed

Contact city lighting engineering know, city lighting, also known as the city glamor works. With the social and economic development, urban lighting more and more attention all walks of life, because the city lighting can greatly enhance the overall image of the city. "Better City, Better Life", therefore, has become a city lighting engineering an integral part of modern life. However, Hao Di Lighting tell us, in city lighting projects, should follow the following principles in order to make the city lighting project more useful and meaningful.


City lighting decorative landscaping is an important means to create an atmosphere of urban art. So beautiful urban lighting project is the primary consideration in the design time.

Hao Di lighting designer by rhythmic control of lighting equipment, give full play to the role of lighting and light color strength, brightness, etc., to create a different atmosphere atmosphere for city lighting adds to people's living environment and colorful The life interesting.


Since the source of lighting power, so ho Dili Lighting emphasized that security is a city lighting engineering problem can not be ignored. Strict measures must be taken to prevent electricity in the city lighting engineering design and installation time, prevent power leakage to be security risks.


City lighting project is to bring people to enjoy a beautiful visual. Thus, functional city lighting project must also meet the functional needs of people. Chongqing Hao Di Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. is a lighting design, building lighting, road lighting, landscape lighting project, LED full-color project, guides the licensing works, outdoor billboards engineering design, production, maintenance for one professional lighting engineering company. Hao Di lighting depending on space and occasions, using different carriers, people choose different ways to meet functional requirements.


City lighting is designed to meet the psychological needs of people's aesthetic vision, also in a great extent reflects the city lighting reflects the value, but considering the city lighting bring people on the visual aesthetic enjoyment, when should Considering his economy, slick city lighting is a waste of power resources. Say again that it will result in a serious light pollution, affect people's health. Thus lighting Hao Dili told us to judge the quality of a city lighting project can not be subject brightness, the key is scientific and reasonable lighting design.