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Does not take three years, the average family will bid farewell to the traditional lighting, LED lights are illuminated.

Why do you say the world's largest lighting show? - Guangzhou International Lighting Fair held can glimpse a trace of clues, unlike in previous years, the traditional lighting products in Guangya Exhibition almost disappeared, even the traditional lighting companies are also LED display products.

Many exhibitors are reflected, in 2015 is "LED civilian market opened the first year," the civilian market opening represents a LED lighting really came to pass universal coverage.

Exhibition: "with the traditional lighting of exhibitors already out"

June 9, 2015 to 12, the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair was held in Pazhou, which is the creation of the first 20 years of the show. Two years ago, the show can also see the traditional lighting products, lighting products this year, the traditional rare. Foshan Lighting, Op lighting and other traditional lighting giant is also demonstrated by all LED lighting products.

A lighting manufacturer's marketing staff, said: "It also shows the traditional lighting products already out (behind) a."

Starting in 2011, LED lighting has been in high demand for full penetration of energy-efficient lighting and other outdoor lighting field, and created such Kingsun (outdoor lighting applications), Hongli Opto-electronic (midstream package), three optical (upstream chip ) a large number of listed companies in the LED industry.

According to industry research firm CSAResearch estimated that in 2015 the market size of LED lights at about 23 billion yuan, LED road lighting products, overall market penetration will exceed 45%. Sui Sai Wing, director of Guangdong Province semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center said, LED outdoor lighting penetration rate above 50% in Guangdong Province.

Followed by the outbreak of the outdoor market is the commercial market, which has become the main driver of this year's high growth LED lighting industry. Guangzhou local lighting companies won the bid three male Aurora Teemall of LED lighting renovation project, its marketing manager Li Quan introduced, shopping malls and office buildings for LED lighting, "enthusiasm", commercial lighting, growth momentum is very obvious.

The data show that, 2014--2015 will be sustained outbreak of LED commercial lighting, 2013--2015 average annual growth rate of more than 200% compound annual growth rate of 96.72%.

Trend: the official opening of the civilian market

With LED lighting applications in outdoor and commercial areas increasingly popular, more and more people have come to expect: LED lighting when able to fly into the homes of ordinary people?

"LED lights are now ordinary people can accept the price, some of the interior of the LED lamp price already and traditional energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps almost the same." Akinobu lighting Liu Qi, deputy general manager of Guangdong over that, LED lighting has had to civilian market penetration All the necessary conditions, which really means universal LED lighting.

Made in the upper reaches of the foreign Bridgelux Lighting Fair this year on the main thrust of a product for the civilian market. "There is no doubt that the civil market has been opened." Wen Jian Hua, senior vice president, Asia, Puri said, "This product can be seen as a milestone we develop the Chinese market."

Also in the active layout also includes traditional civilian lighting giant NVC, Op and Foshan Lighting, which has even the civilian market, Foshan lighting as the main.

Many industry sources said: "This year is the first year of LED civilian market opened, the future civilian market will become the largest piece of the market." Predicts that in 2013 LED lighting civilian market as a whole accounted for only 11%, is expected to reach 35% by 2020 .

Industry: melee more stable pattern

Hot market, LED industry is also hot inside. Debate and Chinese enterprises and foreign internal reshuffle, reflected in the market price war, the channel war and merger integration.

As in previous years Lighting Fair Philips, Osram and other major international lighting giants occupy different booths, this year's exhibition, Philips Lighting, Osram both absent.

A domestic business people said:

"Philips has been taking the high road, Chinese enterprises mainly rely on price in the flame, which is the most of Philips can not adapt to the place."

Meanwhile, the Chinese companies are going out more, Sui Sai Wing, he said:

"Over the years honed allow Chinese enterprises have emerged in the international community." Chinese companies to drastic weapon is still "cost."

According to the data industry bodies, although LED lamps price decline narrowed, but the 2014 price bulb still fell by 30%.

Zhongzhuang Electrical Association Branch Secretary Zhang Yufeng told reporters: "Domestic LED lighting has more than 10,000 enterprises, product quality varies greatly." Zhang Yufeng said:. "Price war will continue to play."

An increasing number of mergers and acquisitions are showing dramatic reshuffle. LED Engineering Research Institute data show that in the merger amounts LED industry in 2013 was 2.6 billion yuan in 2014 from 60 billion in 2015 to more than 20 billion yuan.

"Big business is mergers protagonist, the pattern of increasingly stable, small companies want to survive, we must move towards segmentation and specialization." Huzhong Shun said.

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