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Recently, the State Council to encourage and promote public entrepreneurship Peoples innovation, worth the wait; the country last year have announced average wage data, whether drag, worthy of study; Guangzhou Municipal Housing Fund Center announced that the higher interest commercial loans subsidized by the Fund Center, concern.

Entrepreneurship is not profit-making enterprises by the State Council to encourage the public listing

Recently issued "on the highly entrepreneurial innovation and vigorously promote the public opinion a number of policy measures," the State Council. "Opinions" actively yet profitable Internet and high-tech enterprises listed on the GEM distribution system to promote the establishment of strategic emerging industries plate in Shanghai Stock Exchange.

"Opinions" from nine major areas, 30 aspects identified 96 policy measures. "Opinions" clear, to promote public business, Peoples innovation according to the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, persist in reform and promote and accelerate the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation and better play the role of government; plus Great decentralization efforts to relax the policy, open markets, deregulation, body, formed a good atmosphere conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation; let hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs active, converging tremendous momentum of economic and social development and the like.

"Opinions" also said, to constantly improve the institutional mechanisms to improve the inclusive policy measures to strengthen co-ordination, the building is conducive public business, Peoples innovation policy environment to flourish, the institutional environment and public service system, in order to promote employment, entrepreneurship, innovation development; to deepen reform, create a business environment; adhere to demand-oriented, entrepreneurial energy release; adhere to policy coordination, realization roots; adhere to the open sharing, push model innovation.

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More favorable business conditions, work or a business?

Beijing announced last year, the highest average wage Henan lowest

Recently, the country's average wage data in 2014 have been announced. Data show that China's urban non-private sector employment average annual wage 56,339 yuan, up 9.4 percent nominal growth, after deducting price factors, the actual increase of 7.1%; private sector employment in cities and towns the average annual wage 36,390 yuan, up 11.3% nominal growth, after deducting price factors, the actual growth of 9.0%.

Data show that 20 provinces, whether it is private or non-private sector employment, average wages are among the first in Beijing, where the 2014 Beijing urban non-private sector employment average wage of 102,268 yuan, the urban private sector employment average wage of 52,902 yuan.

After Beijing, the urban non-private units average wage employment were the top five in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Qinghai and Chongqing; urban private sector employment average wage of the top five, respectively, Guangdong, Chongqing, Zhejiang and Anhui. The Henan Provincial Non private and private units rank the last two data, respectively, 42,179 yuan and 27,414 yuan, respectively, in Beijing two data was 2.42 times and 1.92 times in Henan Province.

Comparison with the national average wage, non-private unit, only Beijing, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Qinghai than the national average wage level of 56,339 yuan; and private entities, with the national average wage level of 36,390 yuan, compared is only Beijing, Guangdong, Chongqing Zhejiang four provinces exceeded.

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See this data, how many people silently sorrow "averaged" and "drag"?

Bank reform program approved deep reform of state-owned banks mixed curtain

16 evening, the Bank announced that the bank deepen reform program has been approved by the State Council. Among them, "senior exploration and ESOP" mixed content mentioned change, "to stimulate the vitality of institutional mechanisms," and so become the industry focus. It is reported that on June 4, Bank of mix changes had been described matters, announced that the attention of national financial reform and other requirements, actively deepen reform, improve corporate governance mechanism related issues. Affected by this news, since June, the long-silent bank stocks suddenly become a popular capital market, trading in more eye-catching performance.

The so-called "mixed bank reform", namely the reform of the banking sector of mixed ownership, state-owned banks by further diversify the ownership structure, improve bank management efficiency. For specific implementation mix changed, Bank chairman Niu Ximing has publicly said that the country holding the basic structure will not make a drastic change, but the internal ownership structure will change, which means state capital will not break the bottom line. And compared to the country's four major state-owned banks accounted for over 50% of the phenomenon at every turn, the proportion of state ownership Bank is relatively low. By the end of the first quarter, the bank ownership structure of the Treasury holding 26.53 percent, the National Social Security Fund Council, holding 4.42%; 38.79% of the total shareholding of foreign capital; social capital Shareholding 5.32%.

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Mixed state-owned banks to change the curtain has been opened, the next target will be who mix change?

"China-Australia free trade agreement," the signing of 85% Australia imported goods zero tariff

Chinese Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng and Australian Minister for Trade and Investment Andrew Robb 17, respectively, in Canberra, Australia on behalf of the two governments signed the "China-Australia free trade agreement," Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott attended the signing ceremony.

It is understood that China is Australia's most important trading partner, bilateral trade last year, up to 160 billion dollars. "China-Australia FTA" encompasses more than a dozen in the content areas of goods, services, investment, etc., to achieve a "comprehensive, high quality and balance of interests," the goal is the liberalization of trade and investment between China and other countries have so far signed Suppliers one of the highest overall level of the FTA. In addition to more than a dozen areas, "China-Australia free trade agreement" still include e-commerce, government procurement, intellectual property, competition and other "21st century economic and trade issues," including on promoting bilateral exchanges and cooperation were specified.

It is reported that "China-Australia free trade agreement," given the 85 percent of Australia's exports to China of goods zero tariff, after entering the agreement maturity, this ratio can be as high as 95%, which will greatly enhance Australia's agricultural and food products in China market share share. Meanwhile, Australia will be zero tariffs on imported Chinese electronics and white goods, before the signing of the Agreement, Australia's import tariffs on these products is 5%.

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Australia and mutual benefit, according to prices more quickly understand, and perhaps also from ushered in new opportunities.

Guangzhou business loan interest rates will be higher than the subsidy fund center

June 16, the Guangzhou Municipal Housing Fund Center news, the Guangzhou Municipal Housing Fund Management Committee considered and agreed in principle to carry out its proposed pilot personal housing accumulation fund subsidized loans, as well as personal housing mortgage securitization business, but need to seek the public the views of the relevant provisions perfect.

The so-called "housing accumulation fund subsidized loans" refers to commercial banks to provide loans to home buyers, interest subsidized by the fund center commercial loans and fund loans between poor. In addition to the discount policy, the Guangzhou Municipal Housing Fund Center also first proposed, the pilot personal housing mortgage loan securitization business (hereinafter referred to as MBS), to further expand the housing fund pools of capital.

MBS principle of operation are: financial institutions will have paid out the mortgage assets packaged in the form of bonds by the Bank from time to time buy and sell securities transactions, cash funds used to further increase the pool of mortgage funds.

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So preferential policy, you buy a house? Or wait and see it?

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