News->LED application market immeasurably to the consumer to change the development prospects

LED products due to long life, low energy consumption, small size, fast response, the advantages of shock and hypothermia, pollution and other prominent has been a household name, and its applications is extremely broad. Preliminary calculations, the future of China's annual electricity savings of LED lighting equivalent of the Three Gorges power plant generating capacity throughout the year, while reducing 80 million tons CO2,65 ten thousand tons of SO2 and NO2 emissions 320,000 tons, is called "the history of mankind lighting revolution "is not an exaggeration.

LED application market to the consumer is very broad prospects for change

According to statistics, since the birth of the last century, the 1960s, every decade, LED luminous efficiency and lower costs tenfold increase tenfold. And technological progress always exceed market expectations. Especially in 2008, the Beijing Olympic Games LED and hit a shot in the arm, "Dream scroll" the opening ceremony is shown in more than 4500 square meters, called on the world's largest single full-color LED display, when the 45000 LED choreography from the "Dream rings" when launched, people's enthusiasm for LED reached a new high point. In recent years, LED luminous efficiency improved rapidly in and have low power consumption, environmental protection and other features, driven by the gradual expansion of the product in traffic signals, automotive, outdoor signage, lighting and LCD backlight and other markets. With the Chinese government to promote the semiconductor lighting in China will soon become a bright industry. According to statistics, in 2010, global LED application market is $ 50 billion; China LED application market of 60 billion yuan.

Efficient LED backlight side-emitting backlight most striking, LED as LCD backlight applications, has a long life, high luminous efficiency, no interference, and cost performance characteristics, has been widely used in electronic watches, cell phones, BP machines, electronic calculator and credit card machines, along with the increasing miniaturization of portable electronic products, LED backlight advantages, so the backlight production technology will be more thin, low power consumption and the development of uniform.

LED is the phone key components, an ordinary mobile phone or PHS about using 10 LED devices, and a color screen and a mobile phone with a camera function you need to use about 20 LED devices. Present mobile phone backlight very large amount, 3.5 billion a year to use LED chips. The current production capacity of the phone a lot, and most of the LED backlight or imported, for domestic LED products, this is a great market opportunity.

From an IT perspective, this is an important year for the development of LED backlight, LED backlight with mercury green, the regional dynamic control of the backlight, low-carbon energy, thin streamlined appearance, high color reproduction fidelity display etc., greatly promoted the LED instead of CCFL pace. Each backlight LED manufacturers and manufacturers formed a partnership to jointly put forward a proposal, combined with the large-size light guide plate latest technology. Ultra-thin, energy saving, high color quality of LED backlight, will be the next trend of strong backlight development. However, LED backlight module is not without drawbacks, the power consumption problem remains an important issue that must be overcome LED backlight module. As a result of more LED, in addition to increased power consumption outside temperature also cause problems, so they must increase the cooling system and sensors to solve this problem.

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